Outback Diary: a quest for lease land

Australia road trip off road car

A vast and uncharted landscape stretched out before me as I embarked on a daring adventure, a journey through the heart of Australia’s formidable outback. My mission: to find a piece of land to lease where I could park my trusty 4×4 vehicle and set up camp for a few weeks. What lay ahead was a tale of unexpected challenges, an encounter with local wildlife, and the invaluable lesson of being prepared for the unpredictable.

The Quest for Lease Land

My dream was simple: to immerse myself in the unspoiled beauty of the Australian outback, trading city lights for starlit skies. But finding a willing landowner with an extra parcel of land to lease proved to be a Herculean task. The vast distances between homesteads and towns made my quest all the more challenging. In this land of solitude, patience and persistence became my greatest companions.

The Perils of the Outback Road

The outback roads I traversed were unforgiving. Unpaved and remote, they tested both my determination and my off-road vehicle. The sun-scorched tracks led me through desolate terrain, and even the most mundane pit stops were punctuated by a sense of awe and isolation.

australian outback roads

The Kangaroo Encounter

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, I encountered one of the outback’s iconic inhabitants – a kangaroo. Startled, the magnificent creature bounded across the road. Despite my efforts to brake and swerve, a collision was inevitable. That’s when my trusty bull bar came to the rescue.

The Bull Bar Miracle

A bull bar, as I soon realized, is no mere accessory but an absolute necessity in the unforgiving outback. It bore the brunt of the impact, sparing my vehicle from significant damage. The kangaroo, though shaken, bounded away to live another day. In that fleeting moment, I learned that safety and preparedness are paramount when venturing into the wilderness.

The Blessing of Resilience

As I continued my journey, I couldn’t help but count my blessings. The encounter with the kangaroo was a stark reminder that the outback is both a land of beauty and peril. It underscored the importance of self-reliance and preparation when venturing into remote areas.

I eventually found a gracious farmer willing to lease me a piece of land. It was a picturesque plot nestled between rolling hills, and it became my haven for a few weeks. There, I marveled at the silent grandeur of the outback, gazed at the starlit tapestry above, and found solace in the land’s unadulterated beauty.

My journey into the Australian outback was an adventure of a lifetime, filled with challenges, moments of awe, and invaluable lessons. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the remarkable nature of the outback itself. In the end, I learned that in this vast and untamed land, the pursuit of solitude and serenity is an endeavour worth the trials of the journey.


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